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About Us and our American Shorthair Cats: 

My husband and I have a small cattery located between Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL. We are dedicated to raising, improving, and bringing awareness to our favorite breed, the American Shorthair Cat. We are focused on keeping the American Shorthair cat breed pure, and making healthy, hearty, loving cats that meet or exceed the breed standard. Our main objective is to produce show quality cats that illuminate the time honored traits this breed is treasured for. To reach this goal we work with other catteries throughout the World to enhance the quality of all American Shorthair Cats. As a result our cats are agile, loving, and superior hunters. They are loyal, intelligent, and still maintain their ancestral traits that brought them to America with the arrival of the first settlers. Read the breed history written by: Valerie A. Edwards at for more information on this wonderful cat. If you are looking for a new family member the American Shorthair is the perfect cat.

The American Shorthair Cat is a medium sized, hearty cat, with a water resistant coat. They are easy to care for and adapt quickly to new settings. We prefer to raise our cats lovingly underfoot which makes them able to adapt to dogs and children. Here at Murrznpurrz we spend a great deal of time with our cats to ensure that they are in the best form possible. They are a part of our family: which we wish to share with others.

Litters for 2017

Litter #1 born 3-14-17 - Parents CH Bootsie Invisible Ink (White) x CH Murrznpurrz Maestro (Cameo (Red-Silver) Classic Tabby & White). Kittens still available in this litter we have a White, spayed female and a Silver Patched Tabby, female.

CH Bootsie Smudge Pot (Silver Patched Tabby) x CH (TICA - SGC. RW Biamerikitty Dreamer of Murrznpurrz (Red Tabby & White), born 6/5/17, a Brown Patched Tabby, female and a Tortoiseshell, female.

CH Murrznpurrz Just Call Me Sweetheart (Red Tabby & White) x CH Alandor Swaggerly (Blue Tabby & White), born 8/2/17, a Dilute Calico, female, a Blue Patched Tabby & White (high White -- Keeping), and a Brown Patched Tabby, female. These girls were born and raised in our bedroom (just as their mother was) so are extra spoiled and very loved!

CH (TICA GC) Murrznpurrz Flirtini (Black-Silver Classic Tabby) x Rainbow's M&M Morganzite (Black-Silver Classic Tabby), born 9/1/17 - 4 Black-Silver Classic Tabby (3 males & 1 female (the female is sold already)) and a Blue-Silver Classic Tabby, male.

Next Litter due mid to late October... CH Silver Mark's Lola (Blue Patched Classic Tabby & White) x Bootsie's Jack Sparrow (Black-Silver Classic Tabby). expecting a variety of colors with the classic Tabby pattern, may even get some solids or smokes, this is a first litter for both kitties.